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I have set up a Google alert for every new web post about ECT. Most of the alerts are positive ones from the industry. Some are from celebrities who sadly promote ECT which unfortunately increases the likelihood of ECT being forced onto those who do not want it and encourages the naive to accept it. Here is a story of someone who was encouraged to have it with disastrous results.






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Cheryl, thank you for bringing the ECT issues to our attention. There seems to be a big marketing push for ECT currently. What a barbaric practice!

"barbaric practice" you said it all! 

One thing I will always remember is the first time seeing a documentary, Dr. Breggin comments with the association of psychotropic drugs to a "chemical lobotomy".  I thought, Finally someone is saying it!

You are both great caring people who have helped bring the truth whether good or bad and for that I and other I know are very greatful.

God Bless. 


Thanks for the heads up. Seems the industry is dusting off the old playbook. A sad story but one that needs to be told.
To quote C.S. Lewis, "There is no tyranny so great as that which is practiced for the benefit of the victim."


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